As a designer at digital marketing firm, I had my fingerprints on a LOT of websites, whether it be a simple update of existing graphics or a complete build from scratch.  Below is a sampling of the websites I had the privilege of being the lead designer on.

The one website that has been my “baby” about 7-8 years is  I “inherited” the website in 2011, when I got to redesign the site for the first time.  It was miles beyond what they had before, and in many ways, still a bit cleaner than the current iteration.


I was excited to have the opportunity to revisit for a major redesign in 2014, having learned so much since my initial design.  Not everything went according to plan, but the end result was a site that looked great across all screens and accomplished everything the client needed… and then some.  Of course, the more I learned, the more I wanted that next shot, and when I heard talk of another possible redesign being considered, I could not wait for the green light and had started designs in my free time!


Dr. Black’s Brain Bar was a pretty interesting client for HyperDrive, but I have to say I churned out a pretty good-looking home page for them, even for it being six years old!  It’s a bit of a forgotten gem for me.


Rounding out this sampling is the current design for Barber Foods.  It’s pretty crazy how we ended up here, with such a clean, attractive and responsive website design, when the rounds leading up to it were filled with so many different experiments with wood and other textures (one version literally had wood grain everywhere).


Other websites of mine going strong are,,,, and much of the website. I’ve also used WordPress templates to create websites for Kessler Photography, the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club and its two teams, the Buckeyes and Red Stockings.

And this site, of course!