A digital portfolio would not be complete without a few banner ads! So here are a few examples of online and social media advertising I’ve worked on.

First are a pair of rough concepts for U.S. Bank, the idea being that you have a plan, a blueprint, that U.S. Bank can make happen (financially).  They were highly considered by the client, and the student version for HELOC went into final development.


We executed a pair of Facebook Canvas ads for Barber Foods, allowing a small ad to expand into an informative and mouth-watering experience.  Here is one of those ads.  The initial screen started with a video clip they had shot, and I took care of the rest.


Below are a sampling of graphics, including some animated GIFs, created for Frisch’s social media outlets.  I did not grab that soda fizz… that’s 100% me!

Also for Frisch’s… I did several roughs for a chorizo campaign that never got fully developed, but feel worthy of inclusion here.