I can compose a decent photo, but I do not have the fancy equipment or that subtle visual touch that a professional photographer brings to their product.  So I’m comfortable to direct.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with one photographer among all others, Gary Kessler of Kessler Photography, who has always been a breeze to work with and taught me more than anyone about how to direct a photo shoot.  Below is a sampling of some of the photography needs that I’ve overseen.

The first was for Coach Quarters, who was a brand-new company at the time, managing the fractional sales and service of a fleet of luxury motor coaches.  Aside from some beauty shots of the best of what they had, they also needed shots showing the usage scenarios they requested, which required talent to achieve.  Lots of challenges and learning happened, but in the end, the client got the shots they wanted and were very pleased.

So pleased, in fact, that they had us do another round for their newer Nashville office, which was to cater more to the “traveling performer” clientele.  My favorite moment was pulling up along Lower Broadway that night.  A crowd of spectators started to gather, curious as to what superstar may step out of this million-dollar motor coach.  Watching their collective disappointment when I came out to scout the spot was priceless!

Another series of shoots that I got to direct was a series of photos for Kodak‘s display papers.  In hindsight, I should have been more nervous doing photo shoots for THE photography company, but they went fairly smoothly and the images were well-received.  All were shot in Cincinnati, and while I forget where the salon photo took place, kudos to those that can identify the other two locations!

To round out this page is a sampling of the many photos shot for Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner.  To help get the brand launched, we needed some photos of the product in action.  Of course, there was not much of a budget, but with the help of a hand/full model, a versatile photographer, HD’s office manager’s house, and plenty of product and stain-making elements, I was able to pull it off.  We got a ton of useful photos that day, helping us give Fizzion the launch they desperately needed.