I’ve always loved to doodle and draw, and when I discovered Illustrator, I was one happy guy!  And throughout my years at HyperDrive, when budgets couldn’t afford freelance illustrators, they called on me to do my thing.

Intrinzic hired me on two occasions for caricature needs.  The first was for a mid-2000’s Warren County (OH) Visitor’s Guide, where the major attractions were to be represented on the map by family-friendly cartoon icons.  How many can you identify without names?


The next project they hired me for was also for Warren County, for a survey about the type of “famous Mom” a user was.  I always thought the inclusion of “Joan Crawford” here was out of place, as she was “big screen” and representing a real person, but that’s what the client wanted… and Mommy Dearest is definitely a unique take on motherhood!


I also need to show off the character designs for the old LaRosa’s Online Arcade.  We did a couple of online Flash games for LaRosa’s, usually for the holidays.  I had the pleasure of creating new pizza topping characters as well as their animated game states, which allowed me to show a bit of individual character personalities.  These games went over very well and have always been a feather in my illustrative cap.


My illustrative work isn’t all cartoony fun.  Case in point, my interior layouts for Coach Quarters required some pretty technical and accurate drawings, as interior colors and textures were specific to the dozen or so motor coaches that needed these.  As tedious as these needed to be, they were every bit as entertaining to create as the previous examples!


Soon after taking a “Drawn Design” course at Mount St. Joseph many years ago, I decided to do some simple illustrations of my friends as gifts as money was kind of tight at the time.  They were well received.   Though they got more detailed as time went on, I continued to do them for gifts, or memorials for some that have passed, or professionally for others to give as gifts (lots of babies).  My “best customer”, Beth Wittich, seen in the center with her groom for their wedding portrait, passed away suddenly and recently, prompting this addition to the portfolio and a small revival of the artform for myself.