Many of my projects involve either digital media or print… sometimes both.  Here are a few instances where I had one project spread over a ton of different types of deliverables.

The annual Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory was a huge undertaking every year we ran the marketing for it, and it involved a lot more than just some printed collateral!  I designed emails, banner ads, billboards (still can’t get over the need to put ALL sponsors on that), PowerPoint templates for the lobby, event signage, street banners through Eden Park, graphics for TV ads and movie theaters, lapel pins and t-shirts.  It kept me busy for a good chunk of the few years I had the pleasure of leading the design for the Show.


My work with the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club isn’t focused on a campaign, but it involves a lot of different media, so I thought I’d include it here.  I love period design, and while it may be the hip style right now, I’ve always tried to keep our look and designs more “vintage” than “retro”… true to the period, where I can.  I love designing to a particular style or period in history.