Email is what HyperDrive is best at, and a ton of my work over the past 8 years or so has been designing emails and creating email graphics.  Here are just a few examples.

Of course, LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria makes yet another appearance… I’ve really done everything with them!  HyperDrive is responsible for their incredibly successful email system, which follows customers’ ordering patterns and automatically generates emails tailored to that individual.  And I have been responsible for 2.5 of the last three looks of those emails (their current iteration is a “Frankenstein” between me and another agency).  If you’ve ordered LaRosa’s, you’ve seen my work in action.


Rent-2-Own also had quite a lot of success with our email philosophy, where we reined in the super-busy digital sales flyers they wanted to send out for more focused and efficient designs that improved results.  While at first annoyed with their “off-the-wall” persona, it did lead to some fairly creative opportunities and experimentation.


Sysco is a big name, and I designed a lot of email templates for them, from industry news, promotional and product focused, to transactional and shipment tracking emails.


A newer Sysco company, Guest Supply, also tapped us for some email assistance.  The “Great Sleep” email was perhaps the last thing I worked on at HyperDrive; I was dismissed before finishing it, hence the rough animation (the illustration is all mine).


I wanted to get some Frisch’s Big Boy work in, and the emails seemed the best candidate.  Despite a tumultuous working dynamic with them, we managed to do some great visual work and achieve some relative success compared to some of the other “cooks in the kitchen,” so to speak.