My career started out primarily in print.  I’ve always had a slight preference for it, as I have full control over the final art, and the final piece doesn’t change due to screen resolution or internet browser.  Below are just a few examples; my portfolio overflows with brochures, stationary, newsletters, booklets, posters and much more, but this I what I’ve chosen to put online.

First is one of my all-time favorite projects, the poster and brochure for the Krohn Conservatory’s 75th Anniversary.  I got to colorize an amazing photo of the Krohn from it’s early years for the poster, pairing it with other photos and significant items from their history.  For the brochure, I wanted to go full-on 1930’s brochure design, illustrating the Krohn in period European travel-poster style for the cover and mimicking print production.  Both also feature my 75th anniversary logo, which I was honored to have the opportunity to design.


I heavily credit these two mailers for Appearance Plus Cleaners for getting me into HSR Business to Business back in 2005.  Not only did I do all of the design, illustration and Photoshop work on them, I also had a hand in their conception, especially for the laundry basket.  Who knows… maybe I’ll have the same luck today!


This is a folder that was the centerpiece in what HyperDrive calls a “Taste & Tell” kit for Montgomery Inn and their nationwide release of their barbecue sauce.  I wanted to show the richness of the Inn’s history while making the product very recognizable for the Cincinnati transplants in the areas they were expanding into.  The inside pocket has a nice die-cut around the bottle.


LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria has always relied heavily on direct mail pieces to announce new locations and to help educate and encourage people to try their menu in expansion areas outside of Cincinnati.  They involved postcards, large folded self-mailers, and several “big letters” that were personalized to the recipient.


Finally, a smattering of old favorites that I can never leave out.  Like the bold duo of brochures for Fischer Manufacturing.  Or the “secret code” for a Libertas brochure.  Or the illustrative work I put in on the ClearChannel WebHopper postcard.  Or the MANY iterations of the Dreamfields trade show postcard with the cut-out fork (they got a lot of mileage out of that concept!)