I have two “campaigns” that I feel are pretty significant parts of my portfolio and I’m giving special attention to.

The first is a series of Cincinnati Magazine ads for Cincinnati Parks and the Krohn Conservatory, which was celebrating their 75th Anniversary that year.  With direction for these ads being a bit murky, I devised a concept where each ad would not only showcase a seasonal Floral Show, but also highlight a characteristic of Cincinnati Parks in general – history, conservation, education, culture and tradition.  In addition to the design, I also ended up writing the vast majority of the copy myself.  Now, whether they are good or not is immaterial to me (Cincinnati Parks liked them), because I’ve always been proud to claim them as near to 100% mine as a deliverable has ever been in my time at HyperDrive.


Another significant campaign was the poster series for my vintage base ball team, the Cincinnati Buckeyes, that I collaborated on with John Pattison, Paul Singer and others during my waning days at HSR Business to Business.  We wanted to create a series of posters to advertise the team that would win some design awards, as it seemed my desk was the only one there without a single trophy on it!  I had the role of production manager, handling less of the final design and more of the sketches, background and content.  The project was a success as far as the awards were concerned, earning local and regional Addy awards, with “Tripping” getting published in an issue of Communication Arts magazine.


That said, I am simply not in this business for awards and trophies and recognition; I’m here because I love graphic design, and I enjoy helping good clients with a great message and product succeed.  Pieces of plastic or glass are not measures of success for me.