Just Who the Heck am I?

As the URL probably told you, my name is Brian Essen.  I am a senior-level graphic design who spent 17 years of his 19-year career at a small digital marketing agency in Loveland.  I am now a free-agent looking for a new place to call home.

My style is clean, organized and authentic.  I am excellent at adopting and working within existing brand guidelines, but also enjoy the opportunities to create from scratch.  I particularly enjoy branding exercises, including logo development and identity exploration.  However, I’m great at visual design of any kind, be it on paper or online or on anything else, as well as illustration, ideation, art/photo/animation direction and sometimes even copywriting.  I consider myself very fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; great at InDesign, Microsoft Word & Powerpoint, Acrobat, and WordPress; and currently learning the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite.

If you need a senior-level graphic designer, art director or general creative, I’m your guy!

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